Press Release - May 2014

Press Release - May 2014
Thursday 22nd May, 2014

Residents’ groups in Alton and Holybourne will be sharing their expertise and resources in future under an umbrella organisation known as the Alton & District Residents’ Associations, or ADRA.

Alton’s residents are becoming increasingly aware of the planning and development challenges facing the town over the next decade and some existing residents’ groups have already become involved in attempting to influence its impact by engaging with the various statutory bodies concerned with planning.

Many of these residents’ groups and associations have been around for some time while others have been formed more recently in response to the housing development tsunami that is already underway in the town.

There has long been a desire to get these various groups and associations talking to each other. Many share similar aims in respect of doing the best for the town as well as their own particular neighbourhoods and all can benefit from the experience already gained by the more established organisations. Accordingly, under the auspices of the Alton Society, they have recently joined together in a loose affiliation to be called the Alton & District Residents’ Associations’ (ADRA).

The initial aims of ADRA are to share information to enable each association or group to be effective in meeting its own aims and objectives as well as seeking to influence planning and development in the town. ADRA’s expectation is that evidence gained through this process will also help inform Alton’s emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Finally, ADRA would hope to encourage the formation of further residents’ groups or associations in areas that are not presently covered by existing organisations. If any residents would like advice about setting-up such a group to represent their area, ADRA wants to help you: contact the Alton Society (

ADRA will be meeting with representatives from the town council in due course to discuss aspects of current and future planning applications, as well as to articulate concerns about the infrastructure expected to support the proposed massive increase in housing in and around the town.

ADRA’s membership currently consists of the Ackender Road Residents’ Association, Alton Society, Amery Hill Residents’ Association, Anstey Residents’ Group, Eastbrook and Wooteys Residents’ Association, Holybourne Village Association, the Old Odiham Road Resident’s Group and the Treloars Estate Residents’ Association.