Press Release - May 2016

Press Release - May 2016
Tuesday 31st May, 2016

An initiative by the Alton & District Residents’ Associations (ADRA) to increase the number of Residents’ associations in the town has been “outstandingly successful”, says chairman John Grace.

“Over the last month, aided by community grants from local councillors Graham Hill and Andrew Joy, we’ve been instrumental in launching two new residents associations. Greenfields is now represented by the ‘Alton Greenfields Area Residents’ Association’ (AGARA) and the Ashdell Residents’ Association (ARA) had its inaugural meeting at the Maltings last week.”

Alton Greenfields Area Residents’ Association (AGARA) has been quick to engage with the contentious local issue of problem parking. Chairman, Phil Newell revealed that:

“traffic and parking in our area was a high priority during our inaugural meeting.” He also said that: “AGARA is very keen to hear from residents in the Greenfields Avenue & Southview Rise area who are interested in joining our association and are anxious to contribute to our community.”

Rachel Palmer for the Ashdell Residents’ Association (ARA) said:

“we’re hoping to get together with other people in our area to address issues that directly affect us. For instance, we are threatened with the proposed development of warehousing on Caker Stream Meadow as well as a proposal to build 25 houses along Wilsom Road. There are many everyday issues that would benefit from the community pulling together.”

Alton already has a number of successful residents’ groups and associations which share similar aims in respect of doing the best for the town as well as their own particular neighbourhoods. ADRA chairman John Grace said

“ADRA is an affiliation of those associations and groups. We are committed to encouraging the formation of further associations in areas that are not presently covered. ADRA feels that all new groups can benefit from the experience already gained by the more established organisations. We welcome approaches from groups of residents interested in forming their own Residents’ Associations. Thanks to recent grants from EHDC and HCC, ADRA is now able to allocate funds to assist people getting together as Residents’ Associations to address and promote issues specific to their communities”.