October Update

Wednesday 17th October, 2018

At our October ADRA meeting, our conversation focused around preparing for the consultation for the new Local Plan, which is proposed to start from January. It's so important that the residents of Alton are aware that this is coming and participate in the consultation, as this is likely to increase the housing targets for Alton, which has knock on impacts on traffic, infrastructure, services etc. We need to ensure that what is proposed is good for Alton. More information coming soon.

The Butts Bridge works have started, and concerns were expressed around the proposed traffic flows and diversion along Ackender Road. The agreed plan is for a one way northbound flow of traffic, and for on-street parking to be able to continue as per current regulations. However, we were concerned to hear that this might change to a 2 way system with no on-street parking. This will have a significant affect on residents for up to 6 months, and we feel strongly that the agreed option of one way traffic is the best option during this period.

AEWRA and UALOOR highlighted that the Liaison meetings with developers at Maple Fields/Oakland Heights were in all a positive experience. Initially set-up for regular face to face meetings to help developers better comminicate timeline, and to voice residents' concerns as captured via the RAs they are being suspended unless a face to face meeting is required as lines of communication are very much open.

Finally, we are waiting for the date of the next Alton Town Council Community Committee meeting, to contribute ideas for how Alton can mobilise our communities around key themes. We've already offered some suggestions particularly around catalysing a feeling of pride of Alton.

Our next ADRA meeting is 27th November.