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The Alton Society

Alton Society are committed to stimulating interest in the town’s past, present and future while encouraging appropriate development of Alton and its infrastructure.

What we do....

  • Provide a respected voice representing local opinion on a wide range of issues.
  • Facilitate activities and initiatives to lobby for or against issues which impact on Alton.
  • Comment on and if necessary lobby for/against planning applications.
  • Produce a regular newsletter which reports on current topical issues.
  • Conduct monthly conservation activities in Flood Meadows.
  • Advise the Town Council on tree preservation matters.
  • Maintain a committee which is highly respected by the wider community.
  • Make an annual award to an Altonian who has made an outstanding contribution to the town.
  • Make the annual John Ambrose Award for good building development, new or restored.

Contact Details : Bob Booker (Events co-ordinator) - - 07968192323 -