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Start your own RA

What exactly does a Residents’ Association do?

They can be formal, or informal groups of residents who come together to address issues specific to their area. That could be anything from a planning application to anti-social behaviour or simply to encourage a sense of community. They are inclusive, friendly groups and can help participants meet their neighbours and make new friends. Social events can be organised through an RA and it’s a good way to get informed and involved in things going on in your area.

Together, residents can...

  • achieve far more than individuals alone.
  • act as one voice for their community.
  • have more influence with service providers and policy-makers about getting what our community needs in our area.
"I don’t have a lot of free time..."

Said everyone

You can come along when it suits you and get involved as little or as much as you like. Meetings usually take place in the early evening about once every four to eight weeks. Every resident is an asset to the community with something unique to offer but you won’t necessarily have to ‘do’ anything unless you want to.

What's the process?

Get the word out & Identify and approach people who may be good candidates for a committee

First you will need to find people interested in helping you and building a team to serve your local residents. ADRA can help you produce flyers and leaflets to help you get a response and setup an initial meeting for residents to attend. Some groups have done well setting up a Facebook 'Closed Group' for residents to join.

Arrange a meeting

Next you will need to set a date and venue for the 'Formation of The ABC Residents Association', and once again ADRA can help you publicise this and we can also chair the initial meeting to help you get off the ground!

At the formation meeting you will:

  • Discuss common interests of the group,
  • Agree a Constitution and other relevant documents,
  • Elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer,
  • Elect a Committee,
  • & build community!

Always take minutes, have regular meetings & apply for Grants – EHDC set-up grant, Councillor’s discretionary funds, Housing Associations, etc... ADRA can help steer you in the right direction!