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Update from October Meeting

By Becci May ADRA

Thursday, 24 October 2019


ADRA Contributor


At our last ADRA meeting, we had two key agenda items.
1) The developments proposed and ongoing in and around Alton, with the recent consultation on large development sites, as part of the development of the Local Plan, the the proposed development of the Coors Brewery site and the Magistrates court proposal. In addition to these big ones, we have been keeping an eye on ongoing developments and planning applications. The Neighbourhood Plan is still in use, and is a critical strategic document for planning. The Monitoring Group for this met recently to discuss progress. Find out more about what's planned and what's being done here:

2) The other big agenda item was a discussion around things that could improve Alton, and what ADRA can do about these. We had developed a list, some of which we can all take direct action on, as individuals or as members of a Residents Association. These include litter picking, taking down out of date notices, and even cleaning road signs and weeding pavements, if these are things that would improve our environment. We also encourage support for the litter pick organised by the Alton Society this Saturday - meeting at 10am outside the old Post Office in the High Street. Hope there's a good turn out again!

We can all also report potholes and other dangers or obstacles on roads and pavements. This can be done as we each walk as part of our day, or as a self-organised group of people. Watch out for ADRA 'action' page on the website, where we aim to share photos and news of such direct action. Please get in touch with your RA if you have any suggestions or if are taking action yourself, however small, which you'd like to be shared. To report potholes:

Some things are the core responsibility of others, such as Councils. For these, we plan to have discussions with the relevant Council and local Councillors. These suggestions include improved signage maps, cycling and walking signs, and speed limits.

Ackender Road RA had also spoken to Alton Town Council about instating a 20mph speed limit on Ackender Road and a few other roads nearby. They have a petition which has got around 600 signatures already in the immediate area.

ADRA has also been invited to take part in the speedwatch initiative in various key locations around Alton. We are looking for volunteers to get involved, putting up and taking down Speed Indicator Devices. It will not be too time consuming and is really important for the wellbeing of many residents, so please contact your RA if you're interested.

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Alton, Hampshire