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Chair Report 2019

By Becci May ADRA

Sunday, 23 June 2019


Outgoing ADRA Chair


Chairman’s Report to ADRA

Becci May, June 2019

I have been Chair of ADRA for 2 years, which is the maximum under our constitution. John Field has been Treasurer of ADRA for the last year. Minutes have been taken on a rotating basis.

Over the last year, ADRA has enabled the sharing of information and views between RAs on issues relating to Alton and its residents. We’ve been keeping our neighbours informed through the RA networks, regarding planning issues, policy changes, and various events and consultations, so that people have the opportunity to voice their views, and to be heard.

ADRA has held 7 meetings since the AGM June 2018. 2019 has been very much focused on preparing for the draft local plan consultation.


  • We’ve been following and contributing to these planning application processes / developments, and keeping our RAs informed on:
    • Lynch Hill (representation at planning committee meetings)
    • Will Hall Farm (planning application; liaison meetings; lower field management discussions)
    • Borovere / South Alton (representation at planning committee meetings)
    • Maple Fields / Oakland Heights (liaison meetings)
    • Sports Centre (Development Board meetings)
    • Butts Bridge and diversions (requesting information and expressing concern about traffic diversions)
  • We’ve been engaged in consultations on:
    • Draft EHDC Local Plan (which will guide planning and development until 2036)
    • Community Facility on Molson Coors site
  • We’ve participated in the ATC Communities Committee agenda development and meeting
  • The Wey Walk has been progressing with support from some members of ADRA, with ATC taking this forward with budget allocated to this
  • A community bus service has been initiated and pilot 3 months funded, through AEWRA’s efforts
  • Mike Heelis has continued to keep ADRA updated on progress with the Neighbourhood Plan, and Local Plan
  • We’ve been more pro-active in using the ADRA website in terms of what we put on there, and this has attracted visitors to the site

Ongoing issues / initiatives

  • How to take forward list of things that we feel would make Alton an even better place? Some may benefit from direct voluntary work, and some may benefit from conversations and coordination with the relevant Councils, Alton Society, Town Team etc.
  • Wey Walk – keeping track of progress and potentially helping to promote
  • Maintenance of the lower field of Will Hall Farm development
  • Opportunity to develop new RAs in the new housing developments – continue this conversation with John Geoghan
  • Maintaining good connections with Alton Society

Upcoming issues

  • We now have a number of new Councillors in Alton, which is an opportunity to establish new relationships, conversations and ideas
  • Next consultation phase on the Local Plan policies and following these proposed development sites:
    • Will Hall farm extension along Basingstoke Road
    • Treloars site for staff accommodation on the car park
    • Lynch Hill
    • Caker Stream Meadow site

Thank you to the ADRA representatives for all your support. All ADRA members are busy people, with work, families and other commitments, and it is highly appreciated that you are volunteering your time, energy, information and ideas for the greater good of Alton and its residents.

Finally, a very special thank you to John Field (Treasurer) for managing the ADRA accounts.

Becci May

Chair of ADRA, June 2019

The objectives of ADRA are:

  • To share knowledge and experiences to enable each Residents’ Group or Association (RGA) and other organisations to be as effective as possible in meeting their aims, and to facilitate the formation of new RGAs.
  • To act as a lobby platform to influence decisions for the benefit of Alton residents.
  • To monitor the Alton Neighbourhood Plan, planning applications and local developments to ensure they deliver benefit for Alton residents.

Updated ADRA Members list:

  • Ackender Road RA (ARRA): Mike Hayward, Rosie Hayward
  • Amery Hill RA (AHRA): Louise Parker, Charles Kaye, Ian Sutherland
  • AEWRA: Graham Titterington, John Grace, John Field, Peter Field
  • Ashdell RA (ARA): Giles Lock, Trevor Plumbley, Rachel Palmer, Angela Barbey
  • Holybourne Village Association (HVA): Pat Lerew, Vernon Burford
  • Upper Anstey Lane and Old Odiham Road (UALOOR): Robin Lees, Sue Bottomley, Gordon Anderson, Becci May
  • Church Triangle RA: Mark Lanchbery, Marian Allen
  • Treloars RA: Ian Gilson, Helen Fletcher
  • Mike Heelis, Neighbourhood Plan
  • Simon Stoodley, Alton Society

Contact Information

John Field


Alton, Hampshire