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Chair of ADRA submits FOI Request to EHDC about Whitehill Bordon Press Release

By John Field ADRA

Tuesday, 16 June 2020


ADRA Contributor


FOI Request submitted as follows:

I am writing to ask questions in response to the EHDC News Release dated 12 June, titled “Whitehill & Bordon site identified for development”.
The release raises more questions than it answers and I would ask for clarification on the following issues please:
1. The Whitehill & Bordon site is not a newly identified opportunity as it appeared, but was not fully allocated in the EHDC JCS of 2014. See policy CSWB1 Strategic Allocation which states that 2725 homes out of a potential 4000 homes are allocated for JCS. Now EHDC are allocating a further 1300 homes to be added by means of the emerging local plan to bring the total up to 3350 homes. This leaves a balance of potentially unallocated 650 homes. Surely the JCS 2014 consultation covered these allocations and there was no actual need to include
Whitehall & Bordon in the recent large site consultation although it is understood why it may have been done. Is this interpretation of the facts correct?

2. The release states that “except for Whitehill & Bordon none of the other large development sites considered are technically ready for allocation”. What exactly does this mean?

3. As per para 2 above it is stated that
...”further work on sites around the A31 will take time“. Why is this and what is the further work required as there was a lot of detail provided in the public consultation?

4. Why are sites not along the A31 which were part of the large site allocation not mentioned. Specifically:
a. Land East of Liphook.b. Extension of Land East of Horndean.
Why have these sites not been mentioned in the press release and what is the EHDC intention to bring these sites into consideration?

5. Under the paragraph “The broad area of search along the A31” it is stated: “in this case the council and its partners will be looking at seven sites along the A31 corridor proposed during the Large Development Sites Consultation”. Please could you let me know:

a. What is the area you are referring to and where does the 7 miles start and end?
b. Who are the council’s partners as referred to above?
c. Will there be yet another public consultation about the “A31 7 mile area” which will take time and cost money?
d. It also refers to “each site having its own benefits and issues” so the council does know each site location. Are these the same ones as consulted on in the large site consultation?
e. Per sub para d. Above if they are not the same sites as appeared in the large sites consultation what are their locations?

Contact Information

John Field


Alton, Hampshire