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ADRA Spring Update

By John Field ADRA

Sunday, 23 June 2019


ADRA Contributor


Thursday 25th April, 2019

At our last meeting in April, we were pleased to hear that there are a number of discussions going on with respect to making Alton an even better place to be, through local businesses (Town Team and Alton Matters), local Government (East Hants District Council and Alton Town Council) and many voluntary organisations. This is a regular agenda item for Alton Society and for ADRA. The Alton Society Litter Pick last month was a great example of how we can come together to help improve our surroundings. ADRA is pulling together a list of things we’d like to see improved around our town, and then considering how we might support the efforts of others, promote action and take action ourselves. Please do put your ideas forward through your local Residents Association.

We are also aware of 2 community grants which are available at the moment – an immediate opportunity to take forward some initiatives and ideas you might have:

We were pleased to hear that Amery Hill RA was successful in getting funds to take forward a pocket parks initiative in Alton’s flood meadows , which will encourage people to enjoy this area. Also, Eastbrooke and Wooteys RA have been successful in organising a community bus service starting from 27 April, every half hour between 10am and 2pm on Saturday and 2pm - 4pm on Tuesdays. There will be a suggested donation of £1.00 to be able to maintain and develop this service.

Also, many of us will be enjoying the walks on offer during the Alton Walking Festival – lots of options for all levels!

Let’s take pride in Alton!

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John Field


Alton, Hampshire