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Amery Hill RA

AHRA was founded in 1984 and focuses on maintaining a local community, enhancing our local environment and monitoring anti-social behaviour and planning proposals.

Amery Hill Residents’ Association is the oldest residents’ group in Alton. The original formation of

the group was a result of some specific localised issues, including the proposed plans to build a

housing development for the over 55’s. AHRA worked closely with the developer of the site and the

resulting Cromwell Gardens won awards for being an outstanding development of its type, as well as

being an asset to our area of Alton. AHRA continues to get involved in housing developments, most

recently the Redrow development alongside New Odiham Road / Will Hall Farm. AHRA represents

local residents at the monthly Liaison Group with Redrow, EHDC and ATC, the purpose being to

continue to monitor this development, and in particular the future of the parkland alongside the

Basingstoke Road.

Other areas of particular interest for the AHRA Committee are the state of the River Wey and the

Flood Meadows, which form one of the boundaries of our patch of Alton; ensuring that the

Conservation Area is preserved; and ensuring that our residents are not adversely affected by our

proximity to the Town Centre.

The Committee meets once every six weeks and we have an annual meeting which is open to all

residents. Between meetings, Committee members liaise with numerous agencies which operate

within Alton, such as The Environment Agency, the CTCG, and The Northern Wey Trust as well as our

local councillors and officers at ATC, EHDC and HCC.

Contact Details : Louise Parker (Chair) -