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Ackender Road RA

ARRA represent and promote the interests of the residents of Ackender Road.

Update from ARRA August 2018.

The main issue facing the residents of Ackender Road is the severe disruption we will experience when the Butts Bridge roadworks come into force for six months from January 2019.

The Butts Bridge roadworks are going to cause major disruption for most of Alton. The residents of Ackender Road recognize that there are limited options for diversions and are resigned to the fact that Ackender Road will be used as one of the diversion routes.

It seems that a decision regarding the diversion as to whether to keep Ackender Road two way but ban all parking for the duration, or to make it one way northbound retaining the current parking arrangements, has not yet been reached. We had a very successful AGM in May where there was a decisive response in favour of a one-way traffic flow retaining the current parking arrangements. There was unanimous support for a 20mph limit to be imposed and for HGV’s to be prevented from using the diversion.

The residents' association's particular concerns are for those residents who only have on-road parking who will need some provision elsewhere and who will need to be able to load and unload. We are also very concerned about the large number of pedestrians who cross in both directions at the Butts Road end, and the problems that other residents will face in accessing and exiting their driveways. HGVs have been banned from using Ackender Road for many years and we are very fearful that HGVs will use the road. The HGV diversions will not apply to local HGVs and we suspect that many others will use Ackender Road rather than divert via Farnham.

We foresee that the traffic flow in Ackender Road will be heavy and continuous in our densely populated road, where the houses are very close to the carriageway and which has a sharp bend in the middle. The potential for accidents is very high and life will be very unpleasant for our residents for six months.

We are currently lobbying to have the 20mph zone extended to include the entire length of Ackender Road and to have safety measures put in place for pedestrians. At present we are in the ridiculous situation of having a 20mph zone that extends 12 metres into Ackender Road, whence it becomes 30mph over the rest of the road.

Ackender Road warrants a 20mph limit for many reasons. It is probably the most densely populated residential road in the town having one hundred and eighty two households, many of which are less than two metres from the carriageway.Residents include families with young children and many elderly people. The road has a T junction at either end where many pedestrians cross. Along its short length there is a dangerous bend in the middle, a cross-roads, three other road junctions, a cycle route and two more pedestrian routes that cross it. It is crossed by large numbers of pedestrians every day (we have done counts). There is an overwhelming safety argument for extending the 20mph zone to Ackender Road.

Parking in the road acts to slow traffic to some extent. However, the 30mph sign gives drivers entirely the wrong signal that it is acceptable to speed up to pass through Ackender Road. A 20mph limit would re-inforce the message to drivers that this is a residential road and that more care should be taken.

ARRA continues to monitor traffic numbers on a regular basis. In the 1990’s it was predicted that traffic flows on Ackender Road would at least double as a result of new traffic systems in the town centre and the new Sainsburys. Residents campaigned successfully for a TRO making Ackender Road and the surrounding block of roads all access only. Our traffic counts, performed in a consistent manner over a span of many years, demonstrate that this TRO continues to be extremely effective in preventing the predicted increase, with traffic flows remaining below levels prior to the introduction of the TRO.

Contact Details : Rosie Haywards - ackenderrdassoc@gmail.com